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Steve Death - Has there ever been a better named football player than this? 1970’s Reading goalkeeper. Legend. A man who "never concealed his love of a cigarette."

NBA-EPL Translator - Basketball fans who are at aloss, we feel your pain. The first two weeks of your schedule have been canceled. The entire season is in doubt. Even worse: The WNBA doesn’t tip off until next spring. Fan nature abhors a vacuum. May we be so bold asto suggest a partial solution? As a public service, we offer this guide matching the parallel universes of the NBA and the English Premier League, team by team. May your new soccer love be as close to the real thing as Methadone or Splenda.

Men in Blazers 01/27/15: With Spencer Lanning and Josh Scobee - Rog and Davo recoil in shock after FA Cup upset weekend, Non-Blizzards, and their upcoming trip to Phoenix. Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee and Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning guest.

An Open Letter to Piers Morgan - We can take no credit in this letter. It's the sole work of the fictional Jimmy Corkhill from the British soap Brookside. But what a missive it is.

Has Andre Villas-Boas Been Sacked Yet?

GFOP Newsletter - Here's the latest covering Arsenal as A-Team, the brilliance of The Blizzard, and QPR's Four Year Plan. Sign up if it makes your down belows tingle.

Grantland: A Blaze of Herbalife - Were you too busy watching the American Music Awards to catch An MLS Cup 2011? Well, you weren't alone. That's why Grantland asked the Men in Blazers to take this one for the team. In this cross-country email exchange, Michael Davies and Roger Bennett walk you through Sunday night's showdown between the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo.

GFOP Newsletter #20 - All the latest news on football and World War One poetry. Subscribe in the top left if you haven't ...

New York Stadium Nears Completion - Not our fair city, but England’s Rotherham. GFOP Austin Cleary calls theft on a long held MiB vision for New "York City."

MIB SiriusXM: 9/7 - Michael and Roger review the dreadful football played by Klinsmann's US side against Belgium on Wednesday's show. Sirius 92 and XM 207.

Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld - As mentioned on this morning's SiriusXM show. Read this obit and feel alive. We love Men.

Men in Blazers with AVB - Honored to have AVB join us on SiriusXM FC today. That would be @AVB, the Ashley Van Buren, a New York based writer and creative who has been mistaken over Twitter for the late, great Andre Villas Boas. Ashley jumped on the show to reveal, amongst other things, that the abuse began in 2011, when AVB was failing upwards at Chelsea FC.  A musical surely awaits. Hear our full interview with AVB here.

This is what can happen when your club is taken over. Blackburn Rovers Radio Interview is both brutal and comedic