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2016 Euro Two-Thousand and Copa Enhancement Kit: Limited Edition


These sacraments have been dusted in victory. If worn with optimism, it is possible to dream that the United States can win global football's greatest trifecta:

1. Ridding the World of Sepp Blatter

2. Winning the 2016 Copa America Centenario

3. Lifting the 2018 World Cup Trophy in Moscow

It is Known.


Designed by GFOP Ian Hutchison, the kit which contains the 2018 World Cup Winning commemorative hat, the Sepp Blatter scarf, and a Men In Blazers Blazer patch, was woven by elves. A limited edition of just 1000 were smelted. Grab yours and make the future of glory we have all long dreamed about happen right now.


To purchase your own Limited Edition Enhancement Kit for $50.00, please click HERE. This page will not be active for purchases until 12pm ET on 06/01/2016. 


Thank you so much to the GFOPs at Upper 90 Soccer Store! In addition to helping us with these items, Upper 90 has generously offered 20% off of their entire catalogue (except MIB gear) to make sure you are completely prepared for the tournaments this summer. To receive this discount, you must use the code "WARPIG" at checkout.