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MiB x Watke

It’s a joy to welcome an American original to the Men in Blazers Media Network.

A singular voice who proves that Americans can compete at the highest & driest levels of football wit.

We are thrilled to work with the one & only Chris Russell aka "Watke."

I was blown away by Watke’s work the first time I glimpsed it. Not just the bounce passes, hot sneaker takes, and emotional intelligence. More, an appreciation of just how hard to do what he does.

To trigger every single emotion known to humanity in a consistently low-affect style. And to do it not once. But consistently. I admire it immensely. 

Watke is a one-of-a-kind voice on the American soccer landscape, and am thrilled to be able to work together. At MiB we have been blessed to build a community rooted in football, passion, joy, and empathy. And Watke’s work is all of that and more. 

Gent is an American Original.