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Aaron Ramsdale on Matt Turner: 'He's like Tigger'

Arsenal starting goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale recently sat down with our own Roger Bennett for an insightful one-on-one interview. In the video, Ramsdale talked about the "fortress of positivity" that is Emirates Stadium these days, his take on which fans provide the most “creative” commentary to visiting goalkeepers, and much more.

Bennett also talked to Ramsdale about his relationship with USMNT goalkeeper, and Ramsdale's backup, Matt Turner. The American goalkeeper is known for his upbeat and optimistic demeanor (read Rog’s interview with Turner to learn more about his impressive backstory), and Ramsdale certainly didn’t pooh-pooh the notion that his Gunners teammate is a font of positivity for the club.

"(Turner) has this attitude that a lot of Americans have, where they say yes to a lot of things and they're really excited, and it rubs off on us other goalkeepers," said Ramsdale. "He's like Tigger."

Tigger being the bouncing ball of positivity that serves as Winnie the Pooh's best friend in the popular series of Disney movies and TV shows.

Ramsdale then went into greater detail about how Turner has had a positive overall influence on Arsenal’s goalkeeping crew.

"So in training, it's like, something where my mind might be like, (ugh), that goal's gone in," said Ramsdale. "And I'm a bit (disappointed). And next thing you know, (Turner's) like, ready for his next set and he's jumping around, and I'm like, alright then. And it rubs off on the other goalies, and our intensity goes up. It's been a perfect start for him in terms of jelling us all together this season."

You can watch the entire video below. Also, be sure to check out the Men in Blazers YouTube channel for interviews, highlights, show clips, and much, much more.