HBO's Band of Brothers Podcast, Hosted by Roger Bennett


Rog writes: The honor of a lifetime to produce the Band of Brothers Official Podcast Series to mark the 20th anniversary of the HBO show's debut. To spend time with Tom Hanks, Damian Lewis, and a slew of BoB's creators and actors was magical as we delved into the making of my favorite show, how it changed the legacies of the real men of Easy Company who fought it, and the way we understand the memory of those who experienced the Second World War, is the most important thing we have done. Podcast launches with Tom Hanks September 9th. Please spread the word. Currahee!

Episode 3: Carentan (with Capt. Dale Dye and Matthew Settle)

Episode 2: Day of Days (with John Orloff and Richard Loncraine)

Episode 1: Currahee (with Ron Livingston)

Prologue (with Tom Hanks)