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Men in Blazers Euro 2020 Live Reax Pod on Spotify Greenroom

Rog and Davo host live reactions on Spotify Greenroom for the entirety of Euro 2020. Join the guys for instant reactions to the day's action, plus tons of bonus live listener Q&A. 

07/11/21: Final, England vs Italy

07/07/21: Semifinal, England vs Denmark

07/06/21: Semifinal, Italy vs Spain

07/03/21: Quarterfinal, England vs Ukraine, Denmark vs Czech Republic

07/02/21: Quarterfinal, Italy vs Belgium, Spain vs Switzerland

06/29/21: Round of 16, England vs Germany, Sweden vs Ukraine

06/28/21: Round of 16, France vs Switzerland, Spain vs Croatia

 06/27/21: Round of 16, Belgium vs Portugal, Czech Republic vs Netherlands

06/26/21: Round of 16, Italy vs Austria, Denmark vs Wales

06/23/21: Final Group Stage, Germany vs Hungary, France vs Portugal

06/22/21: England vs Czech Republic, Scotland vs Croatia

06/19/21: Hungary vs France, Germany vs Portugal

06/18/21: England vs Scotland Instant Reax