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MiB Staff Picks - April 10, 2020


Music: My Analog Journal. A youtube channel with hours and hours of jazz mixes from different countries. Their most recent is a Cuban collection. So good. Just look at that Traktor Kontrol Z2 in the middle. Beautiful. 

I also cannot recommend It Is What It Is by Thundercat enough. It is a highly variant and supremely creative album that is meandering in the best possible way. Mind-bending bass lines and hazy rhythms that have been the soundtrack to my Coronavirus malaise the last few days.  

Movies: My new hobby in self isolation is pestering everyone in my life to re-watch Wallace and Gromit. The remastered collection is on Amazon Prime. If you need any convincing, this article makes the case for the 4 features, particularly that The Wrong Trousers features the best chase scene in cinema history. I happen to agree.   

JW - Reading WWI memoir "Storm of Steel" by Ernst Junger. Shells start to explode on the first page and remain relentless throughout. The line between bravery and insanity is constantly blurry. It is "1917" on steroids. 


Movie - The Hunt on Prime Video was a refreshing thriller that exceeded my expectations and kept me on the edge of my seat (literally). Don't watch this film if you're sensitive to blood and some gore, but honestly this movie was very funny and the lead of the film, Betty Gilpin, is becoming my favorite actress working right now.

Music - Listen to Dua Lipa's new album, Future Nostalgia, for an 80s/90s inspired pop songs you can dance to alone in your apartment. You can also watch the companion music videos, my favorite being Break My Heart.

Frozen Pizza PSA - I've noticed since last weeks staff picks there has been a shortage of Red Baron pizzas in my area. Please don't horde those delicious Red Baron Pizzas because I need them to keep going. I tried their French Bread version which was all they had left, and it's really not the same.

Jordan - I'm hooked on Comedy Cop shows. I'm enjoying Brooklyn Nine-Nine and reminiscing about pre-quarantined life in Brooklyn. Also, I'm rewatching one of my favorites in Angie Tribeca, Steve and Nancy Carrell's outrageous and hysterical cop show parody.