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Men in Blazers Daily Content

Hail! GFOP.

During this crazy time of no football and lots of staying indoors, we are changing up our content schedule and dropping Pods and newsletters every single day.

PODS are available on all major podcasting apps. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, and the like. 

And leave us a message on our new voicemail line. We will answer your questions, comments, concerns, remonstrances in our new segment "Chat Sh!t, Get Answered on WGFOP The Bald," which goes out Mondays and Fridays. Our number is (646) 450-9472.

THE RAVEN NEWSLETTER will also go straight to your inbox (more likely your spam) every morning. SUBSCRIBE HERE. 

Finally, we are updating our Goodreads page as we read our way through self-isolation. Join the discussion with our other GFOP readers here.

Listen to our most recent Podcast below:

Men in Blazers 07/31/20: WGFOP: The Bald 

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