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Men in Blazers on Ice

Rog Writes: I fell in love with Hockey the first day I moved to America. It was like seeing Premier League with amplifiers turned up to 11. It's the honor of a lifetime to partner with the NHL and Jägermeister to bring back Men in Blazers on Ice, a series of digital interviews with the game's biggest stars. Digital shorts with each player and entire TV Shows of this series are available to view below. 

Men in Blazers on Ice 2021

Men in Blazers on Ice 2020

Men in Blazers on Ice 2019

Few things in sports top Stanley Cup playoff Hockey. A sport I fell in love with whilst living in DC and marveling at the play of the Washington Capitals of Peter Bondra and Olaf Kolzig. It has been a huge delight to partner with the NHL this season and begin to cover the sport. We could not have started with two more remarkable sporting personalities, both inspirational in very different ways.