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In the Shadow of the Kop

In the Shadow of the Kop. A story so epic, it is being told via a Jurgen Klopp Pod Special (below), a 10-part digital series (latest episodes below), and a three-part TV special on NBCSN airing: 

Episode 1: Friday, April 12 at 5:30 PM

Episode 2: Sunday, April 21 at 2:00 PM

Episode 3: Sunday, April 21 at 2:30 PM

Rog Writes: Liverpool Football Club is a legendary powerhouse. A juggernaut of English and European football. Even as an Everton fan, I recognize Anfield, their stadium, is one of the most stirring, and memory-soaked in the game. An epic pantheon of heroes is connected to their shirt. Both managers and players, approaching almost biblical levels in terms of reverence. Their fanatical fan base has travelled all over the world to watch them conquer all comers. You only have to bring up a year -- say 1977, 1984 or 2005 -- to set them a-quiver, for they have experienced all of the emotions. Omnipotence. Underdog wonder. Nights of Glory. Days of Human Tragedy. Moments great and traumatic. Experiences that for millions of supporters around the world, exist as amongst the most heartfelt of their lifetimes.

In the 70s and the 80s. The club won league title after title. And then… with the start of the Premier League in 1992, the winning stopped. A team which felt winning was its divine right, was outrun by modernity, the might of other teams, and, occasionally, seemingly undone by the weight of history itself. The fans though, have never stopped dreaming. Enter a new ownership, FSG, a new manager, the remarkable Jurgen Klopp, and those dreams have become almost all-consuming. This series, In the Shadow of the Kop, was an honor to make, because in many ways is the story of those dreams.