VisitBritain Digital Travel Series


Men in Blazers traveled to London to savor the joys of a Premier League Weekend and create a digital travel series, "Men in Blazers VisitBritain." Not only did we bask in the glow of two Premier League games - Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham and Chelsea vs. Everton (El Blazerico!) - we savored so many of the activities that make a trip to Britain special. We're talking History, Culture and, in Rog's case, about 5,000 calories a day (The Pies). All episodes are available on our social media channels. We'll embed them below as we release. 

This was a special trip during which we made countless indelible memories (not just because of Everton's 0 - 0 victory in El Blazerico). We want to hear from those of you planning a Premier League Pilgrimage of your own. Send us an email at and we'll send you a Patch, so you can participate in our #PatchAtThePark Campaign. And, if you're in search of tickets, the GFOPs at VisitBritain have put together THIS GUIDE, which will help you get sorted.