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VisitBritain Digital Travel Series Season 2

2019 took us to so many places but one of the greatest joys of the year was to return to Britain with Davo and Producer JW and spend a Premier League weekend, savoring football live and in person, as well as the culture, vindaloo curries, beers and wonder that only Britain can offer. Last year, we went to Davo's manor in London. This year, for Visit Britain 2: Electric Boogaloo, we went North of the Wall to Liverpool, city of my birth, and Manchester. Two Northwest cities that both believe, with supreme confidence, that they are the center of the known universe, and where football is like Earth, Water, Fire and Pie. The jewel of the weekend was a trip to Anfield for a then top-of-the-table clash of civilizations between Liverpool and Manchester City. Despite the result, the long weekend was still remarkable. We hung out with Juan Mata at his tapas bar, fell in love with polyester at the world's largest vintage football shirt store, met a 98-year-old City fan who has been a season ticket holder through darkness and light for more than 80 years, took a Ferry Across the Mersey with my Dad, and visited the boys club which inspired The Smiths to craft the music that has scored so many of my Sad Naps. It was amazing to see just how many of you Americans are making similar trips with your friends, families and loved ones -- creating memories at Premier League games which will last you a lifetime -- and which to me are the whole point of watching football. 

Over the coming weeks, we'll launch the episodes of this digital travel series via our social media outlets and put them below. We could not be prouder nor more honored to make this content and cannot wait to hear what you make of it -- especially the trips you plan. If you are heading to Britain for a football holiday, send us an email at and we'll send you a Patch, so you can participate in our #PatchAtThePark Campaign. And, if you're in search of tickets, the GFOPs at VisitBritain have put together THIS GUIDE, which will help you get sorted. 

Our Visit Britain spectacular also aired as a Men in Blazers Show Special. FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE HERE. Please note, you must sign in to NBC Sports with your cable provider, georestrictions apply.

Season 1

Men in Blazers traveled to London to savor the joys of a Premier League Weekend and create a digital travel series, "Men in Blazers VisitBritain." Not only did we bask in the glow of two Premier League games - Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham and Chelsea vs. Everton (El Blazerico!) - we savored so many of the activities that make a trip to Britain special. We're talking History, Culture and, in Rog's case, about 5,000 calories a day (The Pies).