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Jägermeister Manifest

This article originally appeared in the September 28 issue of our newsletter, The Raven. Subscribe HERE

There are certain occasions when you need something truly special to celebrate. Weddings. Birthdays. Richarlison’s False Hope. The GFOPs at Jägermeister have created a remarkable new premium liqueur for said occasion. Manifest. The nectar is a full-bodied (think Charlie Adam full-bodied) blend of 56 flavors (anise, dried fruit, subtle spice, vanilla, oak and more) crafted by Jägermeister’s master distillers. Because this is a drink for both shots and sipping, we asked Brand Meister Willy Shine for a recipe GFOPs may enjoy. He put us onto the Jägermeister Old Fashioned. 

1.5 parts Manifest
.5 parts Bourbon
.25 parts Black tea one syrup (1 - 1 Black tea to honey)
Spritz absinthe w/atomizer
Garnish: Orange Peel
Glass: Rocks Glass
Ice: 2”x2” Ice Cube
Method: Stir & Strain garnished w/expressed orange peel.