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Men in Blazers Coloring Book

GFOPs, you never cease to amaze us. Recently, we received a Raven from Malcolm Hardiman, a massive Liverpool supporter from Austin, Texas by way of the Bay Area. Malcolm's Raven carried something we never dreamed would exist. A Men in Blazers Coloring Book! We have made Malcolm's work of art available for download below. GFOPs, we'd love you to take Malcolm's amazing creation, put Crayon to paper, and send us your work via social using the hashtag #MiBColoringBook. You can also EMAIL us.

Malcolm, who works as a motion graphic designer, animator and video editor writes: “I have gleefully allowed myself to tumble into the rabbit hole that is the Men In Blazers. Over time, I have found pure delight, being entertained and educated by Rog and Davo. The duo have an infectious joy of football, sport, and America that cannot be ignored. This book was written and illustrated from that place; unbridled joy and passion. While my passion for the game cannot be expressed by playing it, I can do something in a nod of deep thanks, and have a laugh while doing it. I have built many bridges in my life with football. Some would say Soccer is just a bunch of people running around trying to kick a ball. I'd say that's about right.”