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Men in Blazers 03/26/18: Heimir Hallgrímsson Pod Special

NEW POD: Rog and Iceland National Team manager Heimir Hallgrímsson on how he plans to stop Lionel Messi in order to help Mighty Iceland overcome the challenge of that Difficult Second Album at World Cup 2018. 

Rog Writes: The Iceland story is mind-blowing for many reasons. Not least the tenacious mindset of their players. No matter who they face - be it England, Croatia, or at the World Cup, Lionel Messi's Argentina - in the seconds before kick off, they line up with complete confidence they will win. A mentality which is in stark contrast to past England teams and, talking to the players after the last World Cup, and Copa exits, the USA. Much credit for this must go to Heimir. As agents descend upon the players, endorsement opportunities and other temptations swirl, and the pressure of expectations ratchets up, it is he who has been able to keep his squad focussed on their game plan, collective strength, and hardworking tenor that has propelled their success from the very beginning. The US could learn so much from what he has done with so little. 

As Rog mentions in the Pod, this most recent interview picks Iceland's story "The Morning After the Night Before." For more on the country's amazing youth development program, rise through the global footballing ranks, and wondrous Euro 2016 run, listen to our First Pod with Heimir from February 2017.

Rog also did a VICE Film ahead of Euro 2016 for which he traveled to Iceland to talk to the key change agents behind their ascent from footballing backwater to giant killers.