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MiB Jock Tag Contest Winner

Summon the trumpeters (preferably that guy from Leicester who plays the Post Horn Gallop). Roll out the red carpet. Put on your finest tuxedo T-shirt. It is time to announce the winner of the MiB Jock Tag contest, held as we design our 2018 Men in Blazers World Cup jersey with the GFOPs at Adidas. Before we announce the winner, we must say, we were blown away at both the number and creativity of entries. GFOPs, you never cease to amaze. And now, without further adieu, we give you this year’s winner…. Nicole Kelly and her Crap Cat-inspired Jock Tag. 


Nicole Writes: With Crap Cat as the centerpiece in my design, I tried sprinkled in some classic MiB elements and add in a small Russian nod. I’m a fan of the Premier League – most of the teams and players, at least – but I usually root for United and against Chelsea. I also support the USWNT and my local Sky Blue FC.

Nicole, you are amazing. 

Honorable Mentions go to Greg Kullick, Jeff Fulton, and English Bob.