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The Men In Blazers Big Book of Cheesesteak


At Men In Blazers, there are few things we love more than Cheesesteak. Two things that go together to make each other even better than they are alone. A bit like the Two Robbies. Cheesesteak is one of the wonders of America. To bite into a good one is to savor the taste Democracy and Freedom.

In the past couple of years, we have oft found ourselves taping in the mighty city of Philadelphia. A road trip that makes us quiver with delight at the very prospect of cheesesteak. The first time we bolted down there, tourist interlopers that we are, we decamped to that oft' traversed greasy ravine on 9th St and Passyunk between Pat's and Geno's. My Lord, how our Twitter blew up with abuse, as our beloved GFOPs chastised us for that Rookie Movie.

We quickly learned that the argument surrounding "the best Cheesesteak place in Philadelphia" is one that is as emotionally laden and blindly passionate as that surrounding Middle East Peace.

We are big believers in the old adage "those who don't know cheesesteak are doomed to repeat it" and because of that, every time we have been to Philly since, we have solicited the insight and wisdom of our GFOPs. The Men In Blazers Big Book of Cheesesteak. It is a living document. Keep sending in your wisdom and like the Talmud, it will evolve through the ages.


P.S. Remember: Meat Sweats are the Best Sweats