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Davo’s Top Three Frank Lampard Memories


In honor of Super Frank’s retirement, Davo reflects on his favorite moments involving No. 8.

1. Second Goal Against Bolton that Clinched Chelsea’s First Premier League Title - April 30, 2005

2004/2005 will forever be my favorite Chelsea season and this was an outstanding squad. But Frank Lampard was my favorite player on the team by a mile. By April '05, Chelsea had pretty much locked up the title. And Jose Mourinho predicted it would be secured at the Reebok Stadium. Lampard's first broke the deadlock. His second broke the hearts of Bolton, Arsenal and United fans. The pass from Makelele. And then Lampard running around Jaaskelainen and slotting it home. Fifty years without a league title. Of course it was Frank who secured it. Favorite Frank goal ever. Favorite Chelsea goal ever.

2. Euro 2004 Quarter Final Goal In Extra Time Against Portugal - June 24, 2004

Too many have forgotten how outstanding Lampard was at this tournament, scoring three goals in four matches, including an equalizer against hosts Portugal in the 112th minute of the quarter final. In the end, the game finished knotted at two and England went on to lose in penalties, as they are wont to do. But Frank deservedly earned himself a spot in UEFA’s team of the tournament. It was his coming out at a major international event, and that goal was one that sent me into an all too brief delirium.

3. Equalizer Against Chelsea for Manchester City - Sept. 21, 2014

This was the week before The MEN IN BLAZERS SHOW's first season started and the entire staff (all four of us), were in the CPOS watching this together in a conference room. Chelsea is leading 1-0 late in the game and on trots Frank. I’d seen the goal so many times before from him (ball over the top, winger pulls it back, late arriving run into the box, back of the net), but never been on the receiving end of it. It’s not quite as pleasant when he’s doing it against your club. A massive goal. A massive game. But Frank played it cool. Even Rog, a fully paid up Lampard troller of the Frank is Fat camp (which is hilarious, because I've seen Rog sans Blazer), has acknowledged that this is the only genuine non-goal celebration of all time. Classy.

B-Sides. My alternative history of Frank highlights include the spectacular long-range goal he scored to tie the game 2-2 in the World Cup last sixteen against Germany at Bloemfontein, South Africa in 2010. I am convinced that had this been given (it wasn't, because the referee and linesmen were blind, Blatter was corrupt, and Manuel Neuer had no honor), Frank then would have won the game with a penalty, knocked in the header that won the quarter final, scored a hat trick in the semis and drilled a 40-yard, right footed, half-volleyed, sidewinder into the top right corner for the extra time World Cup winner.

My personal highlight of Frank was running into him and his lovely wife Christine at the J. Crew in Southampton (New York, not England) last year. He was so kind, so generous about our crap show, which he clearly watched while he was here, and so humble about how fortunate he was to be in America. Also, he purchased the best of the on sale shawl neck sweaters and it looked great on him. It was blue. So was Frank. To the core.