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Checking in With GFOP Christian Fuchs

This article originally appeared in the December 16th issue of our newsletter, The Raven. Subscribe HERE.


He’s the only man who has won the Premier League, smashed eggs on Jamie Vardy’s head AND been on our crap show. He also happens to be a New Yorker and one of English football’s most charismatic personalities. Heading into English football’s holiday crunch we caught up with Leicester City left back Christian Fuchs to talk about the Foxes looming Round of 16 Champions League clash with Sevilla, how he’s experienced Leicester’s league campaign, and when we’ll see him in the NFL. Seriously.

MiB: A bit of a mixed bag of a league campaign for Leicester. A buccaneering win against City last weekend at the King Power. But that 2015/2016 Leicester form has been tough to find week-in, week-out. What’s the mood in the dressing room?

CF: The mood is still good. It’s still not late in the season, so we’re pretty positive. The results haven’t been all that great, but the game against City showed what we’re capable of. It’s important for us to maintain that form, maintain how we played that game. When we break, we have so much speed, it’s hard to defend, even when teams know it’s coming. Most importantly, we’re staying together as a team.

MiB: You won your Champions League group, advancing to the knockout round and drawing Sevilla in the next round. How have you experienced the Champions League ties at the King Power, hearing that anthem? And what are your thoughts on Sevilla?

CF: When that anthem plays, and the crowd is buzzing, it gives me goose bumps. Even talking about it right now gives me goose bumps. It’s an outstanding feeling to stand there as Leicester City, as this team that had this great run last season. And now we’re presenting the club colors in the Champions League. It’s just an unbelievable feeling.

We have a long time until we play Sevilla, but it’s an exciting draw. They’ve won the Europa League three times in a row and - I did my research - five times since 2006. We’re facing a team that has a lot of quality. It’ll be a great matchup, but right now it’s crucial for us to collect some points in the Premier League. And we are putting all our focus into that.

MiB: Give us an update on the No Fuchs Given brand. Your clothing line, digital videos. You also have youth soccer camps coming up here in the New York/New Jersey area.

CF: For the clothing line, we’re in the process of working on some new designs for the new year. We’re going crazy with that right now, which is great. Who wouldn’t want a No Fuchs Given T-shirt under the tree this holiday season? We also have some new videos coming up this holiday season. I don’t want to say too much about it because we want everyone to be surprised. As for the camps, I’m coming back next Monday through Wednesday for some of our Fox Soccer Academies in New York and New Jersey. Since retiring from the Austrian National Team, I have been able to make it back to the U.S. more this season, which is where my family lives, and spending more time with them is what’s important to me.

MiB: You signed a contract extension with Leicester earlier this season that will keep you at the King Power through the 2018/2019 season. You’ve said before you hope to become an NFL kicker when your football days are over. That still the goal?

CF: Absolutely. It’s still an ambition that I have. Why not? But I extended my contract here at Leicester because I’m very happy here. I’m comfortable and it provides security for my family. But I’m still keen on kicking in the NFL one day. I actually went to two games in London this year, so that gave me more ambition.