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Men in Blazers  Fantasy Football League

Thank the Old Gods and the New. It is upon us. AIR! WATER! PREMIER LEAGUE! And one of the joy of the top flight returning into our hearts and minds is that Fantasy Football returns with it. We love the idea that every game matters. That each meaningless Jesus Navas assist and dodgy David Moyes substitution affects the length of our Sad Naps. Fantasy Football is the Guinness with which we chase down our narrative-filled Premier League Pies.

The Men In Blazers Fantasy Belt has long been battled for by GFOPs across the nation. This season, we are going next level, setting up our Fantasy League on the remarkable new site, Togga. Togga is a fascinating American Soccer Story. A project created by a couple of GFOPs in Austin, Texas, who, like many of us reared on Fantasy Baseball, realized that the traditional English-based soccer fantasy systems counting only goals, assists, and clean sheets did not really reflect what the players did on the field. So Togga developed a scoring system grounded in a player's real-life contributions. Statistics like key passes, successful take-ons, aerial duels won and clearances are all given their due [VIEW SCORING HERE]. Defenders and midfielders rejoice!

We met Togga last season when their head of content John Wallin came into our studios to record a fantasy pod special. So many of you responded with relish, we decided to set up this year’s Men in Blazers Fantasy Football League using Togga’s Perfect XI.

The game is simple. You pick your top 11 fantasy Premier League players each week at their respective positions. No salary cap. No restrictions. Just build your best XI. You will earn a weekly points total based on the Togga scoring system. Every week, the league’s high score wins. Those weekly totals will accumulate throughout the course of the season, and after 38 rounds, the GFOP with the most points wins. There will be prizes for the weekly winners and one very special grand prize for the end of the season winner. We will announce those in the weeks to come. Stay tuned. But please play along with us. It takes a second to pick your team, and doing so promises eight months of Joy and Sad Naps.

To join the Men in Blazers Fantasy League, click HERE. You will be prompted to download the Togga app. Once in the app, make sure you click "Pick My Perfect XI Lineup." You will automatically be entered into our league. Please note that you can only participate on Togga via mobile device. It is free in the App Store or on Google Play.

In the meantime, we recorded a Fantasy Football Pod Special with the aforementioned Mr. Wallin and Neal Thurman, Premier League managing editor at Rotoworld, that breaks down strategies, sleeper picks and Paul Pogba's potential.

This article originally appeared in the August 11th issue of our newsletter, The Raven. Subscribe HERE.