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Men in Blazers Roundtable: Emotional High Points of the Game of Thrones Season


We asked some of the regulars at the Men in Blazers small council to give us their emotional apogees of the season. Not the Copa. Not the Euro. But this epically optimal Game of Thrones season… For the night is dark and full of terrors… and Spoilers Ahead…    

Dominic Monaghan, Host of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan on Travel Channel
My favourite moment of the season up to now was when Lady Sansa shadowed by Brienne of Tarth was able to speak her mind and shame Lord Baelish for leaving her with Ramsey. Her attitude assured him he is on thin ice and Brienne would LOVE to slit him in half!

Becky Sauerbrunn, USWNT and Kansas City FC Captain and Our Hero
Without a doubt the resurrection of my main man, Jon Snow, was the emotional high point of the season. He’s got a lot left to do. There have been other small moments that, although frivolous, kept the epic sweep of the show personal and light-hearted. Tormund Giantsbane checking out Brienne of Tarth made me giggle. Yara Greyjoy commiserating and flirting with Daenerys Targaryen made me appreciative of the fact that several female characters are coming into their own. And, although it’s a bit dark, I loved Sansa’s little smile as she walked away from Ramsay Bolton getting devoured by his own hounds. Punk.  


Jared Harris, Lane Pryce
What I've enjoyed most is that each of the storylines have become dominated by the female characters. Which when you consider how appalling their positions were when the series started, is extremely refreshing and a masterful storytelling turn. I fully expect Margaery Tyrell to get the better of the High Sparrow, and through Tommen, Cersei and King's Landing. Sansa rules Winterfell, Daenerys has two armies, a fleet and the only air force on the planet, Ellaria Sand has taken control of Dorne, and Yara Greyjoy looks like she's made the best deal to gain the Iron Islands throne. The battle with The Night King will leave few survivors and the last women standing will ascend to the Iron Throne.

Adam Platt, New York Magazine Restaurant Critic
In a season brimming with so many emotional high points (and also its share of absurd clunkers), this is a near impossible question, especially for died-in-the-wool, unapologetic, eminently manipulatable, not very discerning GOT Loon like myself.

Upon studious reflection, I’d have to say it’s a three way photo finish between 1) Arya’s heart-stopping (and ridiculously improbable) rumpus/pursuit/gut-stabbing through the markets and cobble streets of whatever the hell the name of that city was, culminating in the death of her dead-faced she-who-had-no name psycho nemesis, 2) the EFFFING INSANE actual Battle of the Bastards sequence, ending with Bastard No. 2 getting his face bitten off by one of his own drooling Hell Hounds, and 3) the glorious return of The Hound, himself.

If forced to choose a winner, I’d probably go with emotional high point No. 3 thanks to the joy that roast chicken-loving misanthrope has given me over the years, and the emotional high points he's sure to bring in seasons to come.

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Kyle Martino, NBC Sports Hair Piece and Host of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge
My emotional high point of the season was realizing my life hasn't been that disappointing compared to someone whose sole purpose was to hold a door only to die after doing so.

Rog, Man in Blazer and Iceland Enthusiast
The series was a slow-build that occasionally infuriated, yet became so worth it, once we were exposed to last week’s Battle of the Bastards episode, which was one of the most exhilarating hours of television I’ve ever watched Live, not DVR’d, in the way of the Old Gods. The overhead shot of the cavalry charge will long stay in my memory. This season, it was trumped emotionally for me by three scenes. Two were heart-wrenching deaths of Andy Carroll's Hodor and Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun (Wilding Gheorghe Mureșan) who both passed as heroes. And by far my favorite: The introduction of Lady Lyanna Mormont, the tiny child leader of House Mormont who pledged her 62 fighters with such a political, cutting savvy, then joined them on the battlefield, I know I am not alone in praying to the Drowned God, that she is given her own spin-off show on Nick Jr.

Producer Lexi, Producer Lexi
I always love Arya, but she’s my favorite this season. Arya’s scenes are never quite as glamourous as a Battle of the Bastards cavalry charge or a CGI angsty Drogon, but nothing gets better than her telling Jaqen H'ghar, “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I’m going home.” Honorable mention: when she cuts the candle (you know you freaked when Needle came back) to create total darkness, before her final showdown against The Waif… and cuts her face off. EMOTIONAL.

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