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Three Questions with Chris Baio

We recently released MIB: The Musical Pod Special with some of our favorite musical acts. One of the acts was Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend and Baio. Chris, who lives in London and supports Arsenal, was in town promoting his solo album, “The Names," which happens to have been Rog’s unofficial soundtrack in Pamplona last summer. And Chris's song, “Sister of Pearl” is on the EA SPORTS FIFA 16 soundtrack, not to mention the slightly less prestigious MIB MixTape Vol. 6. In this edition of Three Questions, we ask Chris where to grab a pint in London, his favorite book, and what song he wants played at his funeral.  


MiB: Where is your favorite place to get a pint in London?

CB: I really love the Myddleton Arms in Islington -- it's deeply chill in a way that speaks to my soul. Also has dope burgers! When I was recording my album I had a meal there & had been working really hard so I was super hungry so I ate two burgers. That's the only time I've ever done that in my life. Now that I live in Peckham I'm partial to the Montpelier -- great great pub.

MiB: Where is your favorite place to hear music in London?

CB: I like Village Underground in Shoreditch for shows and Dance Tunnel in Dalston for DJ stuff. I had a great time at Bowie tribute night at Brilliant Corners a few months back... great soundsystem!

MiB: What is your favorite book? What are you reading now?

CB: My favorite book is “Lolita” -- It blew my 18-year-old mind the first time I read it. Just incredibly written. [Currently I’m reading] “Zero Zero Zero” by Roberto Saviano. Just started it. The last thing I finished was The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes, which was really dope.

MiB: What song did you love from the first moment you heard it?

CB: "Bull on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine -- last night I did karaoke to it and it brought me back to being 12 years old and hearing it for the first time. WOW WOW CHIKA WOW WOW CHIKA CHIKA CHIKA.

MiB: What three songs do you always have on your phone? If you're trapped on the subway or flying a long distance... what do you need?

CB: "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel, "Love Cry" by Four Tet & "Heroes" by David Bowie. In their own way they all transport me to a special place, usually one more fun than a subway or a plane!

MiB: What track do you want to play at your funeral, as your coffin is being lowered into ground?

CB: I've been really into "Dollar Days" off Bowie's Blackstar -- it's the last song that he wrote in the studio, in a way it's his last completed song, and it's stunningly beautiful. I'd like for it to be played at my funeral.  

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