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Three Questions with Kyle Martino

Three Questions with Kyle Martino originally appeared in the August 7, 2015 edition of our newsletter, The Raven. Read it HERE.

Kyle Martino. A man voluminous of hair and bulbous of knot. And someone we could not be more excited to see when NBC’s footballing foursome return to our living rooms this weekend. In this edition of Three Questions, we ask Kyle for his Premier League predictions, talk his new Travel Channel show, and who he’d pick to be the second Kyle.

MiB: How do you prepare for the season?

Kyle: I spend the months before consuming a mixture of relevant Premier League content whether it be preseason games, articles or podcast. After that I procure a few gallons of hair product, brush up on my knot tying, and write "I will not say unbelievable" 100 times on our dry erase board.

MiB: Who is your surprise team of the season? This season's Southampton.

Kyle: Crystal Palace, and not just because I sit next to Rebecca Lowe every weekend. The Cabaye signing c'est magnifique. Toon Army will still loath him but that's because when he manufactured his move away from Tyneside he was their most important player. Didn't work out at PSG so he will be hungry to play and prove. Pardew will be one of the most backed Managers in the league and also can't believe they held on to Bolasie, thought for sure big club would poach him.

MiB: Who is your surprise struggler of the season? This season's Newcastle.

Kyle: West Ham. The pressure of Olympic Stadium move looms over them in a big way. As much as fans complained about Big Sam I think he will be a big loss. I love Bilic, partly because his sweaty-disheveled-loosened-tie style looks like someone just after a kick ass wedding reception, and partly because his pitch-side passion rivals that very wedding reception, but don't feel he was a great choice. Everyone will remember his impressive 2008 Euros with Croatia, but truth is his managerial career has been checkered.

MiB: Breakout star this season.

Kyle: Memphis Depay. You have to be a star when you're dutch and you ask everyone to call you Memphis.

MiB: Predictions. Relegation. Top Four. Title.

Kyle: Top 4: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City. Bottom 3: Sunderland, Leicester, Watford

MiB: There are two Robbies, but only one Kyle. If you had to pick another Kyle to be your sidekick, who would it be?

Kyle: Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I need a Sidekick who takes longer to do their hair than I do.

MiB: You make your Travel Channel debut Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. on the excellent "36 Hours." Unless The Two Robbies get a political analysis show on MSNBC, we could not be more excited. Is the world ready for a tieless Kyle?

Kyle: Probably not, but just drink a lot while you're watching, I did while I was filming. It was an amazing experience. I've chased a soccer ball all over the world but never looked up to see anything. This show was my opportunity to go back to some of those incredible cities like Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona and do what I never could as a player, immerse myself in the city. I avoided the sirens calls back then, but leaped into their arms this time. 

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