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The 2015 premier league is a glossy global brand…

The 2015 Premier League is a glossy, global brand with a carefully polished veneer. In the last 25 years, British football grounds have become massive adverts for the world’s most powerful companies: Samsung, Chevy, Emirates. Few locally-owned businesses have the money, or gall, to compete with behemoths for a slice of Premier League pie.  

But tucked into England’s Northwest corner is a city, club and man that embody the provincial spirit that’s rare in modern professional sports. Yesterday, we had the privilege of interviewing minibus tycoon turned banker Dave Fishwick. When his career began, he didn’t have enough for a chip butty (french fry sandwich). Now his name adorns the stands of one of our favorite English footballing cathedrals, Burnley Football Club’s Turf Moor. His warmth, sense of humor and passion for his team make it easy to see why he’s quickly becoming a cult hero among American football fans. #BankOfDave

Listen to our podcast with Dave, HERE.