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The goldenblazer2015 is the most important…

The ‪#‎GoldenBlazer2015‬ is the most important blazer in sports that does not involve a Cabin. In this Women’s World Cup year, Super Julie Foudy is a magical winner. As a midfielder with an unparalleled competitive drive and a mix of skill and thunder, she won 272 caps, two World Cups and two Olympic Golds, becoming one of the most successful national team players this country has ever birthed.

We want to thank Bob Ley, last year’s winner for his remarkable help and insight throughout the selection process, and Kyle Martino, Paul Carr, andNew York Giants punter Steve Weatherford for joining us on stage.

The highlight for us, as always, was to be in the loving arms of the ‪‎GFOPs‬ who journeyed from all points to share a night together. There is nothing better. To more!