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A new year a new patch as a thank you to the…

A New Year. A New Patch. 

As a Thank You to the battalion of GFOPs who spend the weekend mining Premier League games for sub-optimal clips that should make our show, we have hand-crafted the GFOP SPOTTER EAGLE-EYES Patch.  Designed by mighty GFOP I

an Hutchison 

 it features an eagle and the old eternal truth, DAY SIZED.

We will award Patches on a weekly basis to any GFOP who nominates a clip from that weekend’s action we would not otherwise have seen and that goes on to make the show.

Many thanks to Ian, and to all GFOPs who spend the weekend watching the football purely for the Slipknot Tattoos, Bald Patches, and massed wanker signs.  We are truly grateful. #GFOPEagleEyes