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What a year this has been one in which we have…

What a year this has been.  One in which we have marveled at Brendan Rodgers dentures, Manuel Pelligrini’s mane, Kyle Beckerman’s persistence, Wet Herrera, World Cup Cakes, John Anthony Brooks is a Great American, Dry Herrera, Brazilian Walking Spiders, Luis Suarez’s primal urges, Tiny Bananas, Paul Carr Blows Your Mind, CONCACAF Thunder, Tiricoism, Siegfrid Sassoon, EA Sports FIFA 15, Jazz Hands, Marouane Chamakh’s tonsorial self-deception, LVG, English Muffin, Wayne Rooney’s neck hair, Tweed, David Fishwick Minibus Sales, Pies, and the occasional Sad Nap.