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In the latest issue of our newsletter the raven…

In the latest issue of our newsletter, The Raven (subscribe HERE), we showed you the first pictures of the GDOP (Great Dog of the Pod) live from near Nashville, TN. We aren’t sure exactly which dog is Davo’s, but he’s in there somewhere.

We were deluged with pictures of pets you have named after footballers.  Simply put, we were flabbergasted how many American puppies and kittens go by the name of Timmy Howard (or Timmy Meoward.)  Here are some of our favorites. Click on the pictures to see each #GFOPPets name. Please keep sending them, in the name of science. 

Thank you toGFOPs:

@ducci07, @AlysonHL02, @ashth3great, @SLBenfica44, @donn_lewis, @EstebanGarciall, @jrushlo, and @le_natural.