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Congrats to gfop and new father brad serton who…

Congrats to #GFOP and new father Brad Serton, who had more than the start of Manchester City’s Premier League campaign to celebrate this past Sunday. 

From Brad: 

I spent this morning at the Hatter Blues, home of the New York Supporters of MCFC.  After a thrilling victory, I headed back home to Connecticut and my wife who was 33 weeks pregnant with twins, our first children.

About 10 minutes after I got home she was sitting on the couch, I leaned over to speak to the girls as I had done throughout the pregnancy.  I have been training them to love City even in utero, so I told them all about the match and the goals by Silva and Aguero.  Just at that moment my wife told me to move fast…her water had broken.We were at the hospital in Stamford in 15 minutes and the girls were born a short time later.  Charlotte and Grace are doing great, along with their mom.  These girls were SO excited about the new Premier League season that even the mention of it caused premature labor.  Sport of the future, indeed.Incidentally, I had not changed after coming home from the pub.  I was wearing this under my scrubs as my girls were born.Here’s to a great season!