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Thanks to gfops craig copeland wrldsgr8testdad…

Thanks to GFOPs Craig Copeland (@WrldsGr8testDad) and Michael Paulson for the new lyrics to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” This is “Copo dos Copos.”


[verse 1]

His name was Roger; he was a writer.

With Pit Bull’s hat upon his crown, certain England would let him down.

His name was Davies; he’s always loved men.

He used to worship Barry Hearn,

but Tirico-ism is where he’s turned.

It’s time to DOMINATE and eat some world cupcakes.

They were Brits and they had each other

in the panic room…

[chorus 1]

At the copa (CO!) Copacabana

Where Roger holds tiny bananas (Here!)

At the Copo (Co!) Copo dos Copo

They’ll wear the blazers and we’ll send the ravens

to the Copo…. they fell in love:

[verse 2]

His name was Miguel,

Miguel Herrera.

Pete Rose is probably his pa; Chris Farley’s certainly his ma.

He would merengue and do the cha-cha.

He likes it wet, he likes it dry,

he likes it hot for his El Tri.

He looks like John Daly;  he looks like Johnny Kruk.

When the Dutchmen win doce a cero,

he’ll be out of luck…

[chorus 2]

At the copa (CO!) Copacabana

“We don’t mean to suggest FIFA planned it (No!)”

at the Copo (CO!) Copo dos Copo

minds blown by Paul Carr and intros by Ian Darke

At the Copo … they fell in love:

[verse 3]

His name was Suarez,

he was a biter.

There’s always one in every class, but FIFA will not let it pass.

It’s the round of 16, but not for Luis,

That four-month ban about to come keeps him from the stadium.

He looks like Hathaway, or so Rog has opined.

He lost his head or he lost his balance;

now he’s lost his mind.

[chorus 3]

At the copa (CO!) Copacabana

The Von Trapps should win at Maracana (Here)

At the Copo (CO!) Copo dos Copos

Rog might be from Britain, but soon he’ll be a citizen.

At the Copo … he fell in love.