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On yesterdays pod rog and davo discussed the fast…

On yesterday’s pod Rog and Davo discussed the fast growing religion they are beginning to believe in, Tirico-ism.

There was one problem. The tenets of the aforementioned religion were yet to be filled in. GFOP Scott Six gets a patch for his ten commandments… which included:

Commandment the First: Thou shalt not speak ill of talent which appearest on thine same media outlet

Commandment the Second: Thou shalt assumest that “Football” means “American Football played in the conference known as the ‘Big 10’”

Commandment the Third: Thou shalt always be in possession of vast quantities of knowledge of the sport thine media-outlet is currently broadcasting, save sports non-existent in “The Colonies” including, but not limited to: “Snooker”, “Hurling” and “Australian Rules Football” (see-est Commandment the Second)

Commandment the Fourth: Thou shalt always be nice, even when dealing with talent on the 2nd tier of thine same media-outlet, even if their dwelling place be sub-optimal

Send your ideas for tenets and rituals and fast days via Toucan.