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Our live broadway show aka how we love america in…

Our live Broadway show AKA “How We Love America in general and its’ National Football Team in Particular.”  With massive thanks to a cast of 1000s that included Mighty Bob Ley, Sir Ian Darke, Alexi “Football’s Tracy Chapman” Lalas, Tony Meola, Judah Friedandler and an oh so game, Kyle Beckerman. Legend.  

We loved being with all the GFOP’s who travelled from across the country to be with us. The American Outlaws who turned up in such fine style. And our winner of our Song For USA Brazil 2014 Craig Copeland who drove up from Baltimore.

To more times of wonder when the US win this thing…

Listen here 

Additional thanks to #GFOP producer John Johnson. We wish him the best of luck with A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER at the Tony Awards.