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Is this men in blazers bumpy pitch collaboration…



Is this Men In Blazers-Bumpy Pitch collaboration the most limited edition T-Shirt in the world? Only 5 exist. Davo has one.  So does Rog. Bumpy Pitch kept one back, and two will be awarded as prizes in our “Search for a Song for USA during Brazil 2014.” 

 The origins of the design lie in our admiration for Bumpy Pitch, who they are and what they stand for.  Founder, Benjamin Hooper came up with the idea for this design and the limited edition run. These are his words:

“The MiB shirt was about doing something incredibly limited in nature which I thought was kind of funny.The idea of basically making a shirt for each of you and then only two more to be given away to your listeners amused me and made me laugh. Who makes five shirts?

Thankfully you and I shared an appreciation for what this could be. And when we spoke and you mentioned that you guys were always cautious about doing shirts and selling them, then this made even more sense as this would never be for sale. And the graphic was fun. The silhouette of you guys. The patches on the blazers and your glasses on the silhouette made me really happy. We did a couple of different designs and one of them didn’t have the patches on the blazers. And one didn’t have a nose on Rog. But when all the elements were included it came out really great. It’s lighthearted and fun but we still paid attention to the design elements and the feel of the shirt. We even printed the graphic on the inside which tones down the silhouette a bit. Too much black from the silhouette on a white shirt would have been a bit overpowering. We made sure we designed and produced this super limited edition shirt just as we would any other. The shirts got the same touches all of our full production runs do. Size and care labels. Poplin labels sewn on and poly-bagged waiting for the winners.

Ultimately I wanted to make the most limited edition soccer t-shirt the sport has ever seen. And I think we quite possibly did that. Which is wonderful.In terms of what we are doing with our businesses and goals, ultimately we want to help move the sport forward here in the US. We just want to do it in our own way. In addition to Bumpy Pitch, we have a website called The Original Winger that helps us communicate our thoughts and views on the sport and culture on a daily basis. We recently started an “agency” called 90+ to work with other brands and companies who are looking to have an impact on the sport and the fan base but in new and creative ways. We get to work with some great people and amazing brands. All of us involved in this are friends and that is a pretty special opportunity that we get to work with each other.Getting to do this for the Men In Blazers was definitely one of the highlights for me personally as I’m such as fan (I hope that you mention that). It’s really great when we get to work with people or brands that we admire and that we have a shared sense of what the project should be. This might be crazy limited, but we still had the same vision for it and that always helps.We have a lot of new products that we will be releasing soon. The World Cup collection we have been working on will release in May. I’m very excited about that. We have a number of other projects in various stages of development and production that will be coming out this year. We’re excited about the World Cup, what that will mean to soccer in America and the continued growth of the sport here. And we’re really excited to hear the song that one of the MIB listeners comes up with for the US team. And which ultimately will result in winning this shirt.