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In a men in blazers special rog and usmnt coach…

In a Men In Blazers Special, Rog and USMNT Coach Jurgen Klinsmann take to the stage at SXSW to kick off their inaugural sports conference.  An Liverpudlian and a Stuttgarter bonding over a shared passion for US Soccer.  

Rog writes: “SXSW gave us the opportunity to chat free from the constraints of short-term questions about specific players, injuries or match-ups.  That felt very liberating.  

Jurgen is a very sophisticated thinker.  To be able to engage in big picture questions about his own identity, philosophy, change management, and leadership strategy was a real treat.  For the audience, the sight of a German and an Englishman bonding over their shared passion for US Soccer glory must have been surreal." 

Listen here