On last weeks pod we had to pick which epl…


On last week’s pod we had to pick which EPL players we think would make the best rock band.  #GFOP killed us with this submission for a band called STRAIGHT RED.  

EPLfan writes: 

Based on a recent pod in which the guys riffed about which EPL stars would make great band members, I would like to propose a new contest as well as submit the first entry. Please enjoy a rare photograph of ! 


 ! Band dynamics detailed below.

Sound: blues-based mainstream rock and freaking roll

Vocals: Andy Carroll- loutish, womanizer, frequently intoxicated and afoul of the law, battles weight, prone to occasional bits of sheer brilliance but largely unreliable

Guitar: Martin Skrtel- flat out shreds, known for spitting on fans who are talking or recording iPhone videos during live shows, frequently at odds with lead singer

Keyboard: David Silva- brooding, contemplative, goes largely unnoticed due to his diminutive stature, quietly responsible for 90% of the creativity and initiative in the songwriting process

Drums: Peter Crouch- affable, consistent, due to his superhuman reach, plays a drum kit that is quintuple the size of the average kit

War Pig!