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In honor of mrs patmores guest appearance on the…

In honor of Mrs. Patmore’s guest appearance on the pod, we challenged you to select a “Downstairs at Downton XI.”  The responses flowed in – a lot of Wilsheres, Baines’ and Flanagans. The winner is Jen Jabaily-Blackburn who gets a copy of EA Sports FIFA 14 and a Men In Blazers Blazer patch for her XI, of which she admits “I spent more time doing this than I’ll admit.”

We are going to spend the weekend fielding this team on FIFA’s FUT feature.


Brad Guzan. 

No nonsense. Sturdy. Brad Guzan = American English for “Beryl Patmore”.


Leighton Baines

Best all-round candidate. (Also an outstanding candidate for keys or bass in the Premier League band because he looks like literally every British rocksmith from the 90s.)

James Tomkins

Thomas. He’s the Premier League’s Thomas.

Jan Vertonghen

Looks 100% upstairs at first glance, but I see Jimmy. Or the other guy I always think is Jimmy.

John Terry

I think he knows a lot about scheming and hair maintenance. 100% O'Brien.


Jonjo Shelvey

I can see him getting involved in a lot of madcap capers. Is there something haplessly William about him?

Jack Wilshere

Frequently found talking back to figures of authority. There’s something Bransony going on here.

Peter Whittingham

I saw this photo, and it just screamed “Future Molesley!”

Adnan Januzaj



Steven Naismith


Steven Fletcher

I’m thinking together they combine to make a Mrs. Hughes?

Bonus MGR:

Brendan Rodgers

Because when I see him, I know I am staring into the face of the uncanny offspring of Carson and Bates.