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In a week that includes the 2014 world cup draw…

In a week that includes the 2014 World Cup draw and MLS Cup, all the Football World can talk about is the Men In Blazers First Annual Holiday Pantomime at Joe’s Pub. We are a week away from that sub-optimal extravaganza (Monday December 9, 9.30 PM). All we can say is, there will be carols and guest turns by global icons. There might even be a 12-piece male voice choir. For now, we wanted to reaffirm the dress code: Black Tie meets Full Kit Wanker. 

The 50 best dressed GFOPs in attendance will be awarded copies of this limited edition poster designed by the remarkable Priest+Grace, the talents behind Eight by Eight Magazine, Robert Priest and Grace Lee.  Entitled “(Snow)Men In Blazers,” we cannot believe how much a few dots can be made to look like Rog and Davo.

Thanks also to GFOP John Johnson, our award winning producer, who has also just launched A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER on Broadway.