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Brandon monzon sneakymoustache won two tickets…

Brandon Monzon (@SneakyMoustache) won two tickets to attend the Mexico match in our Allstate Insurance CREAT THE BEST BANNER TO SCARE THE MEXICANS contest.  His winning Ian Darke inspired-slice of magic here.

Brandon drove to the game from Ann Arbor, MI and sent us this moving report from the field. 

“This is me holding the reason why I was lucky enough to be in Columbus in the first place. I really need to thank Sir Ian Darke, Pink Floyd and Google Translate, I couldn’t of done it without them.”


“Early in the match I noticed that the two fellows sitting next to us looked familiar, but I couldn’t place where I had seen them before. Then right before the Landon Donovan goal, they noticed my poster and asked if I was a GFOP. I responded in kind and found out that their names were Mike and Dave and they had actually come in third place in the poster contest. So for the rest of the match we were chanting and talking about all the things that GFOP’s talk about. They were very nice and they drove to the game from New York.”

“After the game I was starting to brainstorm how to tell my experience and share it with others going forward. This was my very first professional/international soccer game and it will always be etched into my memory. As we left the game we encountered the ESPN FC crew doing their post-game analysis.  On the left side of the stage was the one and only Roger Bennett. As the FC crew discussed the game I held my sign high and with pride. During a break Rog happened to turn around and see the sign. Recognizing it and knowing it had won the contest, we shared a look and a thumbs up. It was in that moment that I knew what this experience had meant to me.”

“I had always "liked” soccer when I was younger but never really delved in. Then I stumbled across this podcast with two chaps who talked football, but were funny and peppered tons of pop culture into their discussions. Davo and Rog made soccer fun and all encompassing to anyone who listened. They made it okay to be a newcomer, but made you want to immerse yourself deeper in soccer so you could get all of the references and laugh along with them. When Rog gave me the thumbs up I felt like I had arrived and was truly in the club now; I was a real GFOP.“ 

"I cannot express how thankful I am to have had this great opportunity to see the VonTrapps take down Mexico. Thanks to Allstate for supplying the tickets. Most importantly, thank you Men in Blazers for making me look like a weirdo in my office because for one hour on Wednesday I am chuckling away in my cubicle with my headphones on."