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NOMINATIONS: 2nd Annual MiB Review Show


Much as we did last year, we want to feature your thoughts on this latest Premier League campaign. Please send us your best and fastest ravens with your answers to the below to The finale depends upon it.

Here are the categories:

  • Your favorite player to watch this season and why?
  • Your favorite Von Trapp to watch this season and why?
  • Your favorite moment of the season and why?
  • Your favorite chant of the season?
  • The poem which most sums up your feelings for the season and why?
  • Which two players would you most like to join your book club and why?
  • Your favorite MiB podcast guest of the year and why?
  • What life lesson did you learn from this season and who taught you it?
  • What names are in your three envelopes?
  • If there is anything else you would like to tell us, please insert it here.

Vote early, vote often. We cannot wait to hear from you.