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From gfop joe thesing a photo that makes us…

From GFOP Joe Thesing, a photo that makes us realize that children are the future:My 12 year old WAR PIG preparing for his Sunday Futbol match, just in case he scores. And from GFOP Jeff Bozeman, an epic ballad named “The Warpig’s Lament.”

The Warpig’s Lament

Along the muddied trench,

Among the injured and the dead,

The Warpig trots.

The sky above shudders and splits.

The Enemy’s artillery does its worst,

But the Warpig does not cower.

Fresh from battle, his chops are

Torn and bloody. His eyes hold the sting of

That hazardous mustard vapour and

Every snort yields a new manner of pain.

Yet these injuries are dull and distant,

Like flames seen through a fog,

For the Warpig is home.

His beloved by his flank, the little ones

Squealing at his hooves.

There is fresh slop in the tough, and

Cool mud covers the sty floor.

Here he is simply - pig.

The air cracks and a great red fire fills his vision.

He is whole, but dislodged from sweet memory.

The Warpig speaks, to no one:

“Bella, horrida bella.”