Gfop michael tobin sent us this tragic christmas…


GFOP Michael Tobin sent us this tragic Christmas story. Pray for him…

I began following the Premier League last year and finally declared my loyalty to Everton early this season. To consecrate this union of fan and club I suggested to my fiancee that a Leighton Baines Everton jersey would be an excellent gift idea this holiday season. To assist her in this endeavor, I forwarded along a link to a perfectly “legitimate” Chinese website providing such wares. I believe the Chinese to be hard-working, industrious people with a keen eye for quality and detail at a reasonable price, but mainly I am just cheap. To my delight she ordered me a jersey, which arrived a few days after the holiday. I tore the package open with unabashed giddiness, but my mood would soon be downgraded to perplexed repulsion when I laid my eyes upon the contents. My Chinese friends had manufactured what can only be described as a heinous and revolting spawn resulting from an unholy mating of both of your EPL allegiances.