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MiB w/ FIFA 13 EP David Rutter

Normal service has resumed in the English Premier League. The sleeping giants — Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City — have all reclaimed the top three spots in the table. And why shouldn’t they, with the season being 2/11ths over, after all. But as much as the on-field drama is subject for discussion in this week’s pod, Michael and Roger also consider the continued off-field troubles of a certain Russian-owned superclub.


Next, productivity on the pod takes a nosedive after welcoming the creative and strategic genius behind the EA Sports FIFA video game franchise, executive producer (and fellow Brit) David Rutter, for a quick chat. The Blazered Men discuss the newest features of FIFA 13, its impact on America’s sporting interests, the future of video games, and, of course, Duran Duran.

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