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Dark Wings, Dark Words

Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi dies

Published: 41 minutes ago

LONDON (AP) - Buckingham Palace says one of Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis, who took a star turn in the James Bond sketch during the Olympics opening ceremony, has died.

Monty and two other of the queen’s beloved corgis appeared in a James Bond sketch during the opening ceremony, greeting Daniel Craig’s James Bond as he arrived at the palace to accept a mission from the monarch.

The palace on Sunday confirmed that Monty - who was previously owned by the Queen Mother - had died. It did not provide details on when or how Monty died, or the age of the dog, but added that another of the queen’s pets, dachshund-corgi crossbreed Cider, also had died.

With the death of Monty, Queen Elizabeth II now has two corgis in the palace - Willow and Holly - both of whom also appeared in the Olympics sketch.

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