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Requesting ravens men in blazers first annual end…

REQUESTING RAVENS: MEN IN BLAZERS FIRST ANNUAL END OF SEASON AWARDS To be announced on our forthcoming END OF SEASON pod… !!! (and we only use exclamation points in emergencies…!!!) You can send us your ravens via:Email: meninblazers@gmail.comFacebook: @meninblazers Here are the categories:

  1. Your favorite player to watch this season and why?
  2. Best player to hail from Nacogdoches, TX?
  3. The three players you would most like to have round for dinner and why?
  4. What non-football activity would be improved by Sir Ian Darke’s commentating?
  5. What is your favorite Mario Balotelli t-shirt we never got to see?
  6. Which player would you like by your side when the glasses fly, the pool balls are thrown, and the bar erupts in fisticuffs?
  7. Which player is most likely to write good poetry, why and what would it read like?
  8. What life lesson did you learn from this season and who taught you it?
  9. If there is anything we have not asked but should have done, please insert it here

Vote early, vote often. We cannot wait to hear from you.