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Dear Roberto

(GFOP Curtis vents after an incredible weekend. Send your telegrams to

To Roberto Mancini and the Manchester City players, First off, thanks for making Survival Sunday an epic day of football. What an unbelievable finish to the season. Second, amid all the celebrations, home fireworks displays, and Boddingtons-soaked orgies… take a second to realize what you’ve accomplished this season. Man City, with your billions of dollars and elite world-class squad, you managed to (barely) beat a Man United squad with the median age of an old folks home… consisting of a retired mid-fielder, more than a few should-have-been-put-out-to-pasture players and a half blind goalkeeper.  And it took you until the very last day of the season… dramatic pause… in the final 5 minutes of stoppage time. Way to go chaps.

Maybe instead of all the celebrating, Roberto, you should be calling your squad in tomorrow to start running drills for next season.


Curtis Pierce

a Chelsea fan in Los Angeles