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The Charge Was Racism

Here at Men in Blazers, much is written or said without any real consideration for the aftermath. GFOP Mike Rothschild was killing time recently by leafing through old newsletters when he stumbled upon the January 5th issue where we challenged readers to turn the Football Association’s report on the Luis Suarez case into a screenplay. Somebody couldn’t actually shoulder such a burden, could then? Rothschild, a playwright, humbly accepted the task.

“As a writer, I felt it was my duty to take this obtuse, nearly unreadable tome and transform it into sub-optimal entertainment,” Rothschild writes. “I gave myself a night and three cans of Boddingtons and ‘The Charge was Racism: The FA vs. Luis Suarez’ is the result.”

Football as drama. We have a feeling that other GFOPs might also be interested in reading the courtroom drama narrated by Sir Ian Darke. The document can be downloaded by clicking here.