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Ginger xi…

After our Middle Earth XI  and LMFAO XI blazed across the interwebs, GFOP Paul King challenged us to come up with an all-gingie team. His wish is our command. We are proud to present the Ginger XI. It’s a team that made a lie of the chant Tottenham fans used to sing to Gary Doherty: “There’s only one Ginger Pele, one Ginger Pele.” And while they may be beaten for pace, this team will never be matched in the melanocortin-1 receptor gene department.

Defenders: Alexi Lalas, Wes Brown, Gary Doherty, John Arne RiiseMidfielders: Paul Scholes, Steve Sidwell, Alan Ball, Gordon StrachanForward: David Fairclough, Louis SahaGoalkeeper: Adam BogdanManager: Gary Megson