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Blazer patches we admire no 7 alan partridge gfop…

BLAZER PATCHES WE ADMIRENo 7: Alan PartridgeGFOP Adam Ruffin writes:

I was reading about Steve Coogan and the coming Alan Partridge movie this morning and I laughed out loud in the streets of Crap Soho (I work on Varick at Charlton) when I came across the inscription of his blazer patch: Cognoscens Me Cognoscens Te AHA [for the few non-Latin speakers among you, ‘Knowing Me Knowing You AHA"]. 

I was absolutely murdered. That is deadly comedy, DEADLY! And I just thought I’d share the tidbit, having nothing to do with footie, but everything in the world to do with blazers, patches, Englishness, Latin, Abba, and probably deeper as yet unearthed meaning and connections to more of my favorite things. I don’t know what kind of football fan Steve Coogan is but I do know that Alan Partridge is a deft, subtle, nuanced football commentator - “That goalie has football pie all over his shirt!”

But if you had him on as a guest, you could probably win a Pulitzer. I don’t know if they give those for podcasts but they gotdamn should. That can be your next campaign.