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Last week as a public service to poor wayne…

Last week, as a public service to poor Wayne Rooney, whose pre-season hair transplant wilts evermore towards the mutant, we launched our inaugural MIB Craft Competition to develop a more realistic looking “hairpiece” for Wayne.  Our listeners are a talented lot.  Designs flooded in by the hundred.  A few of them surprisingly “Safe For Work.”  

Winners are above.  Hans Janowitz’s “Wafting Foot” wins the much coveted first prize: a slightly deflated soccer ball signed by the news team at Fox Soccer, including Eric Wynalda. @kmmccarty and Richmond Bramblet (“A Lego helmet will protect his head from hitting the ground during bicycle kicks”) will have to console themselves with MiB patches.  But we believe that Outsider Art and American craftsmanship are the true winners of this competition.  Many thanks to all the GFOPs who entered.

  • Winner: The visionary Hans Janowitz
  • 2nd: @kmmccarty’s “Not PETA’s Favorite”
  • 3rd: Richmond Bramblet’s “Helmet Head”
  • Honorable Mentions: David Burke’s “Chinese People’s Rug”, Randy Fordice’s “Even Coat of FlexSeal”, Matthew Steber’s “Clooney-Rooney”, Steve Joh’s “Ronaldo Recycled”, and Conor McLaughlin’s “Belief in Shrubbery”
Our Winner: The visionary Hans Janowitz