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In this weeks pod we launched the inaugural mib…

In this week’s pod we launched the inaugural MIB Craft Competition to develop a more realistic looking “hairpiece” for Wayne Rooney. Consider this America's humanitarian gift to the English Premier League.  

The entries have begun to trickle in. This first was an inventive piece of handiwork from Alex Glass from Chicago, IL. Alex says “Although it may look like real hair, it is actually some napkins soaking up some spilled coffee." 

Jim Thill discovered his solution in the kitchen.  He writes, "I think this plate of pulled pork would be an instant improvement fror Wayne.”  He presents them with and without “hair product.”

Amy Marie Gugerty sent us what she claims is a “skein of yarn which can not only grant thick, luxurious locks, but also allow Wayne to maintain his minority status as a Ginger.”  We have sent this entry to the judges for a ruling, as we believe this may simply be an actual aerial shot of Wayne taken recently.  The similarity is uncanny.

These early entrants will take some beating.  But we believe in you, America. First prize is a slightly deflated soccer ball signed by the Fox Soccer Report team.  Second and third prizes, MiB Blazer patches.