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Thanks to Josh Getman, we now have the first two songs that will resound from the MiB block of seats at the next US World Cup qualifying game. Here’s a man who rhymes “miss” with the Jewish word for ritual circumcision. His poetry is so poetic, it’s worth risking a recall for Bornstein, his play be damned. Josh, resign from your day job now. Broadway is calling.

To the tune of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”:

Jonathan Bornstein, Jonathan Bornstein,

Headers that never miss

Carving up wingers,

Delivering stingers            

Then performing a bris

Or, staying with the the show tunes theme, but branching out from The Sound of Music, perhaps the wing should be renamed “Cherundolo-klahoma”:

Cherundolo-klahoma, where the back comes sweepin’ down the wing, And his trundlin’ feet, sure can’t be beat, When his cross drops angels start to sing.